Aftershock (2012)

I’m usually not a fan of disaster movies. There are some that I really enjoy, but most of those have been marred by the remakes of the predecessors. Take the Poseidon Adventure, the original is great, but the remake stunk…Continue Reading →

Blood Junkie (2010)

The 80’s, a plethora of VHS, Cassettes, Acid Washed Jeans, Leg Warmers and the Rubik’s Cube. But the 80’s also birthed the era of the slasher film! Slasher films in the 80’s were literally a dime a dozen, while short…Continue Reading →

Puppet Master (1989)

I am a product of the home video era. I was raised in a video store. The earliest memories I have as a child were running up and down the isles of the numerous local video stores my mother managed….Continue Reading →

Critters (1986)

First there was Gremlins, then there was Critters. Critters is one of those cheesy sci-fi flicks that came out in the 80’s as an answer to a film by another company. While this is tactic has been denied, there are…Continue Reading →